Games Catch the AdSense Fever?

If rumours are to be believed, online search engine giant Google is planning to introduce in-game advertising through a project named ‘AdSense for Games’. The project boasts of an in-game advertising technology that enables it (Google) to introduce video ads into games.

It maybe new for the search leader to introduce this concept into one of its many services, but the fact is that in-game advertising has already been adopted by several companies.

The list of companies includes MochiMedia, Double Fusion, NeoEdge Networks, Massive Incorporated and IGA Worldwide. Also, it is estimated that the market for in-game ads will shoot up to whooping $971.3 million by year 2011.

In February last year, Google bought Adscape, an in-game advertising firm, for $23 million. Ever since, the company has remained quiet and not forayed into this lucrative market, making people wonder about the reason.

So, is there some strategic planning going on at the boardroom table? Let’s wait and watch!


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